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W. Frank Steely Library

Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Steely Library's guide to OERs at NKU, where you can find information on locating OER resources, grant opportunities, and more.

For the pilot year of the OER Instructor Grant, NKU invested $9,000 in grant funding to support 16 instructors as they converted one course each to OER. After only one semester of use, 572 students were able to reap the benefits of a low- or no-cost course, saving cumulatively $55,382.   

The following NKU instructors received grant funding during the pilot year:

List of NKU OER Instructor Grant awardees from 2022-2023.
Grant Recipient College and Department/Program Grant Received
Rebecca Bailey Arts & Sciences; History Adopt Grant
Jitana Benton-Lee Health and Human Services; Nursing Graduate Studies Adopt Grant
Rachel Bosch Arts & Sciences; Physics, Geology & Engineering Technology Adapt Grant
Amanda Brockman Arts & Sciences; Sociology, Anthropology, & Philosophy Adopt Grant
Mary Chesnut Informatics; Library Adapt Grant
Rhonda Davis Arts & Sciences; Integrative Studies Adopt Grant
Joshua Elliott Health and Human Services; Counseling Adopt Grant
John Farrar Arts & Sciences; Chemistry & Biochemistry Adopt Grant
John Huss Education; Teacher Preparation & Educational Studies  Adopt Grant
Boshra Karimi Business; Construction Management Adopt Grant
Suk-hee Kim Health and Human Services; Social Work Graduate Studies Adopt Grant
Debra Meyers Arts & Sciences; Women and Gender Studies/History Adopt Grant
Jose Saavedra Torres Business; Marketing Adopt Grant
Mary Schilling Arts & Sciences; Biological Sciences Adopt Grant
Judy Voelker Arts & Sciences; Sociology, Anthropology, & Philosophy Adopt Grant
Mahdi Yazdanpour Arts & Sciences; Physics, Geology & Engineering Technology Adopt Grant